ARM Chips to Rival PS3 and Xbox 360

CheeseMan42 - July 6, 2011 04:25PM in CPU's

ARM, the most popular chip designer for mobile devices, has stated that it believes its Mali GPU will be able to match the performance of the PS3 and Xbox 360 within 18 months. ARM was able to accomplish this using several techniques, and not just throwing more transistors at the problem. ARM had to think outside the box as battery technology isn't able to keep up with CPU technology. ARM uses a combination of "very aggressive power management and multiple GPUs that can power up as required." The current Mali core, the Mali-400MP, already appears in the Samsung Galaxy S II, but the Mali T604 is where the design should really begin to shine. As the first core to support GPGPU functionality with support for OpenCL, it will open the possibilities for server deployment as well as superb mobile graphics.