Sony to Release PS4 in 2012

F13Bubba - July 6, 2011 12:19PM in Gaming

According to a Taiwanese tech news wire, Sony is set to begin production of its next-gen console by the end of 2011. The report from Digitimes says that the “Playstation 4” or PS4 would be ready to ship in 2012. The report claims that the new console will be manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron technology, the same companies that provide most of the components for Apple’s mobile iDevices. Also in the report is the claim that the console will be controlled by body movement akin to the Microsoft Kinect. This is an interesting announcement, as top Sony execs had at one time stated they expected the PS3 to have a ten year lifespan. In 2009 they changed that estimate to less than eight years, but if this report turns out to be correct, that will put the PS3 just around 5 years, as it was released in October of ’06. The report also indicated that the planned 2012 shipment is 20 million units.