Life After Mass Effect 3

edwardquilo - July 4, 2011 12:58PM in Gaming

Wow. Mass Effect 3 hasn't even come out yet, and we're already hearing heavy Internet rumblings from all over on where Mass Effect should be heading after the trilogy ends in an earth-shattering conclusion. Don't get me wrong, the Mass Effect Universe has tons of potential to go beyond an RPG, but where exactly will BioWare be taking us post-Mass Effect 3? BioWare still has its plate full with developing the final game, and not to mention that supernova of an MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, so why don't we take matters into our own hands? What exactly do we want in another Mass Effect game? Here are some ideas that I think are worth mulling over. 

Ok, that's enough about what I think. Do you want a Liara T'Soni spin-off? Or Garrus Vakarian in his own FPS, Halo-style? A Mass Effect MMO, you say? Let us know what you guys have in mind.