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Life After Mass Effect 3

Category: Gaming
Posted: 12:58PM

Wow. Mass Effect 3 hasn't even come out yet, and we're already hearing heavy Internet rumblings from all over on where Mass Effect should be heading after the trilogy ends in an earth-shattering conclusion. Don't get me wrong, the Mass Effect Universe has tons of potential to go beyond an RPG, but where exactly will BioWare be taking us post-Mass Effect 3? BioWare still has its plate full with developing the final game, and not to mention that supernova of an MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, so why don't we take matters into our own hands? What exactly do we want in another Mass Effect game? Here are some ideas that I think are worth mulling over. 

  • Jeff "Joker" Moreau's own space-sim game. Yeah, he's a crippled pilot with brittle bones, but who else can navigate the Normandy SR-2 amidst a horde of gigantic Reaper cruisers with ease? I say give Joker a leaner, meaner assault spacecraft and give the guy tons of space opera battles à la FreeSpace 2. He can even bring along EDI for the ride. If anyone can pull this off, Bioware can. 
  • Mass Effect, GTA style. The one thing I felt lacking in Mass Effect was the chance to drive a sleek new 22nd-century convertible in an open-world environment. I mean, you're supposed to be landing on several planet's cities but where are the cars, trucks or hovercycles? Yes, you're given the opportunity to maneuver the UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle or the Mako, but I wasn't really a big fan of driving those clunky blocks. Just think of the possibilities to giving players the option of driving any available vehicle on sight. Now imagine driving a car in a bustling Mass Effect metropolis a hundred years into the future. Remember the chase sequence in Lair of the Shadow Broker? Bioware can easily top that with open-world GTA mechanics, complete with screaming pedestrians, futuristic taxis and Mass Effect RPG gameplay. 

Ok, that's enough about what I think. Do you want a Liara T'Soni spin-off? Or Garrus Vakarian in his own FPS, Halo-style? A Mass Effect MMO, you say? Let us know what you guys have in mind. 

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AO on July 4, 2011 03:30PM
I would start playing MMO's for Mass Effect
Guest comment
chris on July 4, 2011 07:56PM
I would mind some xbla games. I think a thane spin-off would be awesome. his story is like a revenge tale. a garrus spin-off about his squad that got killed would also be awesome. to be honest though, Id prefer if future mass effect games were outsourced to different developers like obsidian or dice while bioware concentrates on a new IP. or maybe bioware would have time for everything. they've got mass effect 3, dragon age 3, the old republic mmo, and dragon age 2 dlc in development right now so by that time they'll be able to handle a few more projects
VaporX on July 4, 2011 08:02PM
I think Bioware should have done a Mass Effect MMO out of the gate instead of Star Wars. The franchise has a large fan base but it limits them to a storyline they cannot in the end control. With Mass Effect they would have had total control.
nahuelcutrera on July 4, 2011 08:10PM
I'd say stick with the RPG, and please don't ruin the third part like dragon age 2.
CowKing on July 4, 2011 10:18PM
This article is not worthy of being on the main page. :( All opinion and no actual facts; this isn't Fox News.
bilcliff on July 5, 2011 07:27AM
i'd like to see a prequel made in the first contact war
Guest comment
Bersch on July 9, 2011 02:14PM
Spin offs sound good but when it's all said and done the fans would like another solid story. Such as what/who design the Reapers? Or perhaps a galactic army building in secret to overtake the Citadel, abstract ideas I know but none the less.

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