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Increasing the Efficiency of Spintronics

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 09:37AM

Spintronics has been described as the successor to modern electronics, a field that may hit a very hard wall as early as 2015. While modern electronics operate on the charge of an electron, spintronics take advantage of the spin, or magnetic moment, of the electron. One immediate advantage of spintronics is that no heat is released when transferring information, as no electronic current is needed to do so. The transfer of information in this way is called “spin current.” Of course there are still some obstacles to overcome with spintronics. The one researchers at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physics have addressed is the inefficiency of creating a spin current. Their solution is to use the interaction of spin waves, the wave property of spins, to create spin currents, and could be ten times more efficient than using pre-interacting spin waves. This research is more important than just a way to make more efficient spintronics. The researchers have also linked the fields of spin current and spin wave interaction, which could lead to more advances.

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SpeedCrazy on July 5, 2011 12:53PM
Huh? You start off by saying it may hit a wall but dont say why....

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