SAMSUNG Galaxy S II Sells Quick

gebraset - July 3, 2011 09:29PM in Mobile

With the mobile era currently upon all consumers, phones are updating at an alarming rate, tablets are being released left and right, and other forms of mobile connections are being made day by day. SAMSUNG has had much success with its original Galaxy S phone, as it sold three million phones when it was released, in just eighty-five days, with more users adopting by the minute. Now, SAMSUNG is holding a new crown on its own record, with the release of their Galaxy S II smartphone. Sales are currently astonishing analysts, with a total of three million phones being sold in an amazing fifty-five days. These numbers translate into one phone being sold every second and a half, which ushers in one of the fastest selling mobile phones to date, especially for the electronics company itself. For the Galaxy S II phone, the future looks completely bright, as more phones continue to be picked up off of the wireless carrier shelves everyday.