Kaz Hirai to Become Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman

bp9801 - June 29, 2011 11:48AM in General News

Kazuo Hirai has been the global face of Sony Computer Entertainment for some time and is a recognizable name for the company. He's been the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, but now, he's taking on a new role as Chairman of the company. The current Chairman, Akira Sato, is retiring later this year so Kaz Hirai has been chosen as the successor. Andrew House, PlayStation chief over in Europe, has been appointed to become the new President and CEO, hoping to fill Hirai's sizeable shoes. Both men will take over their new roles on September 1st, a day after Sato retires, so it will give them a bit of time to get use to the new responsibilities. Both men will now oversee the direction Sony Computer Entertainment heads and how Sony will handle the launch of the PS Vita handheld later this year. I have high hopes for both men in their new roles, so hopefully Sony can continue its success with the new leadership.