Amiga Reborn for PC

edwardquilo - June 29, 2011 12:15PM in Prebuilts

The classic Amiga personal computer brand has been resurrected, this time as a series of new performance PCs. Put together by Commodore USA, the new company has licensed both the Amiga and Commodore brands. The company will also be producing a modern Commodore 64.

The new Amiga line consists of three variants: the small Amiga 1000, the huge Amiga 2000 and the Amiga 3000. The Amiga 1000 box is primarily intended for the HTPC crowd, the roomy Amiga 2000 leans more towards hardware enthusiasts, with support for seven expansion cards, full sized ATX PSU and motherboard support, and an optical drive. Lastly, the Amiga 3000 falls somewhere in between the 1000 and 2000, with support for a micro ATX motherboard, four low-profile expansion cards, four hard drives, an optical drive and a full-sized ATX PSU. Further details were not yet available, although Commodore USA has promised to reveal more information at a later time.