City of Heroes Turning Free-to-Play

bp9801 - June 21, 2011 09:56PM in Gaming

In what seems to be a growing trend among MMOs, NCsoft has announced that City of Heroes will become a free-to-play game. The superhero MMORPG will become a free-to-play game when NCsoft rolls out City of Heroes Freedom later this year, which will give gamers access to the game free of charge. Current subscribers to the game will have a VIP status that grants them access to various rewards and services. Free players will have access to certain features and upgrades, but those will be part of a micro-transaction model. While the F2P game launches later this year, NCsoft is encouraging current subscribers to re-up to enjoy the VIP status when the game rolls out. If you use to play City of Heroes and stopped for whatever reason, rejoining will let you become a Premium Player that lets you retain everything you had access to previously, but not all of the features VIP players get. For a full list of the variations between free, premium, and VIP, check out the chart here.