AutoRun Malware: THE END IS NEAR!

zackhaf - June 19, 2011 11:51AM in Bugs / Virus

Back in February, Microsoft released a series of updates for Windows Vista and XP Service Pack 3. With this update, the AutoPlay feature within the AutoRun used for USB devices was disabled. This prevents a virus from taking advantage of this set of features and also brings Vista and XP SP3 up to date with similar protections found in Windows 7. The data shows a decrease in incidents by 1.3 million over three months when compared to the three months right before the update. Windows XP SP3 saw a 62% decrease, Vista SP1 saw a 68% decline, and Vista SP2 saw a decrease of an amazing 82%. Although this is a drastic improvement, many see this as way past due. Although the AutoRun feature may have been convenient, the outcome should have been easily predicted.