Newegg Provokes Best Buy With New Commercial

Prunes - June 11, 2011 11:33AM in Copyright Infringers

Newegg is probably the most linked website here on OverclockersClub, so for many it would seem strange not to use Newegg when shopping for technology. But that's not the case for many less tech-savvy people. When they are shopping for a new notebook or some other technology, they often go to Best Buy or other brick-and-mortar chains. Newegg is now going to try to reach the masses with some new commercials. But those commercials aren't greeted well at Best Buy, because, according to Best Buy, the commercial makes retail staff look uneducated and unhelpful. Best Buy has now issued a cease and desist demanding that Newegg immediately abandon the commercial, since Best Buy believes that it makes its employees look uninformed and slovenly. As Techspot writes, most tech enthusiasts know how little help you get at Best Buy.