Samsung Releases Spinpoint M8 1TB Notebook Hard Drive

premiumgfx - June 9, 2011 10:36PM in Storage / Hard Drives, Small Form Factor

Samsung today released its latest notebook hard drive, the Spinpoint M8. The new hard drive packs in 500GB per platter, for a total of 1TB. This is achieved while maintaining a compact form factor measuring 9.5mm high, allowing the M8 to be used in a variety of mobile applications including notebooks. Samsung developed the Spinpoint M8 by using Advanced Format Technology (AFT) to enable a higher platter density. The M8 also boasts an eight percent decline in power usage and a seven percent increase in data speeds, both achieved by a more streamlined design. The hard drive features the SATA 3Gb/s interface and an 8MB buffer, along with EcoSeek and NoiseGuard technology to reduce noise output for a quieter computing experience. The Samsung Spinpoint M8 hard drive is available now for around US$129.00.