iTunes in the Cloud Beta is Live

F13Bubba - June 8, 2011 11:30AM in Music / Video Players

When we recently reported on the new features iCloud will bring to the table, one wasn’t touched on as thoroughly as the others, and there is a very good reason for that; it’s good enough to get its own post! iTunes in the Cloud is one of the features of the upcoming iCloud service, but while you’ll have to wait for iOS 5 in the fall to use all of iCloud’s benefits, iTunes in the Cloud is available right now. This feature allows iTunes users to download previous purchases, both on their iDevices, and the computer. On iDevices, there is a new button at the bottom of your iTunes app called “Purchased” where you have the choice of viewing either all purchased music, or only the music not currently on the device. On the computer, a choice appears for purchases both in the iTunes store, and on the menu bar on the left in iTunes. Note that the iTunes in the Cloud service is in beta, and requires that you are running iOS 4.3.3, or iTunes 10.3 to take advantage of the new features. This is a departure from Apple’s past policies, as it used to employ a “one download per song” approach, and it almost certainly stems from its recently acquired license agreements with the four major labels for iCloud.