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The Wii U Games NOT All From Wii U

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Posted: 09:28AM

In the earlier news item The Wii U: Games, I gave links to several videos, including one Nintendo has on its website of third party games coming to, what I call, the Wu. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime stated in a Gametrailers video interview (around the 4:35 mark) that the video of the third party titles does NOT feature videos rendered on the Wu, but on its competitors, the Xbox 360 and PS3. To explain this decision, President Fils-Aime quickly points out that the console is a year away from launch. When asked whether the games will look that good on the Wu, his response is that the graphics quality will be dependent on the developer and that the system will be 1080p. Though no explicit answer was given as to if the Wu will feature graphics at or beyond the current level achieved by the Xbox 360 and PS3, he does state that the new system does utilize the latest technology. He also confirms that a tech demo of the visual capability of the Wu was rendered by an early version of the hardware. Here is a link to that video titled Nature Graphics Demo, by Gametrailers, and I would like to note that there appears to be extra comprehension on it by Gametrailers from when they uploaded it to their site, hence the "Stream" label in their title.

President Fils-Aime also stated that the touchscreen on the Wu controller is single touch, not multitouch, for those of you that wanted to know.


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Jay on June 8, 2011 12:19PM
Developers, like EA, have stated that unlike the PS3/360, which limit the capabilities of game engines like Frostbite 2 Engine, and the CryEngine 3, the Wii U allows them to utilize the full potential of the game engines. Frostbite 2 for example was built with PS4/720 in mind, yet EA found that Nintendo was the first company to meet expectations of what those consoles were expected to have in terms of power, and have subsequently committed full support to the platform. As to what Reggie was saying, the games could look that good, or better, or worse, depending on how the developer chooses to make the games. A game like 3D dot game heroes on PS3 doesn't look as good as other PS3 titles. But that was because the developer was doing something artistic. That's what he was getting at. Now, THOSE PARTICULAR games, will be ports. They were built on PS3/360 and the only available prviews of the titles are on the 360/PS3, so it's not surprising they showed footage from those consoles. No game has been built from scratch on the console yet. If the Wii U only had the power of the PS3, developers would not be excited over it, and sing the praises of the hardware for Nintendo, REGARDLESS of how revolutionary the controller is. They never sang the praises of the Wii, and it's control method has been copied by Microsoft and Sony, just in different ways. Running Frostbite 2/FOX Engine/CryEngine3/Unreal 3.5 with room to breath is what this system is reportedly able to do, and that's plenty of power for a next generation console, and far surpasses the PS3.

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