France Bans the Words Facebook and Twitter

Tyrium - June 4, 2011 07:48AM in Internet

France announced that it has banned on-air announcers from using the words "Facebook" and "Twitter" among others. The thinking towards this decision, while seemingly inane, is actually the opposite. Intellectuals are the ones who came up with the ban, and for a seemingly good reason. Basically, the French believe that the websites are using the endorsement of televised personalities in order to gain free advertising, which in turn leads to more endorsement and even more free advertising. The belief stands that this is a cycle which grants social networking sites unlimited marketing at almost no cost to themselves as long as they remain free. Thus, the French have banned these names on-air to combat the sites' ever-growing influence. However, this is something you'll have to make up your own mind about, not something backed with concrete facts.