Danish Team's Homemade Space Capsule Races to the Stars

Tyrium - June 4, 2011 06:54AM in Science & Technology

Copenhagen Suborbitals, a non-profit Danish organization, has created something once believed to be impossible for such a group. After a test launching on June 4th, the organization has a working homemade space capsule. Designed to carry a single tourist into space, the device is quite small compared to an average NASA rocket, but in reality is one of the largest ever built by a non-government group. Plans for the rocket include tours into "space", the 62.5 mile mark above the Earth's surface. The rockets would then fall back to Earth using a parachute system. This goal is far off for now; the rocket has only just hit the ten mile mark. Even so, this last test flight shows that progress is taking great strides.