iPads Replacing Notepads in Singapore

edwardquilo - June 4, 2011 06:30AM in Gadgets

Remember your notebook or notepad? That book of blank pages you use to take down notes back in college and high school. Singapore appears to be ready to move forward with a paperless classroom and turn the notebook by way of the typewriter: a thing of the past. The iPad's appeal as a learning tool is quite undeniable; there's no need for a pen, no heavy books or notebooks to carry around in a kids' bulky school bag. Everything a student needs to learn can be packed into the slim glass tablet. In fact, iPads costing over $100,000 were given to teachers and students from Nanyang Girls' High School in Singapore for a trial run. It is estimated that every student in the school will be sporting an iPad by 2013. With Singapore's competitive education system, the iPad as a learning tool is rapidly becoming the device of choice among many Singaporeans. However, the downside is that students might use the iPad for frequent sessions of Facebook or Twitter, instead of reading up on that installed Biology or Algebra ebook. Despite this, the push towards incorporating new technologies into education continues, and perhaps soon students will be wondering just how we managed to learn using cumbersome tools like the notepad