Passwords Secure? Think Again

Tyrium - June 3, 2011 07:15PM in CPU's

Everyone likes to think that their passwords are uncrackable. However, if programs like "ighashgpu", a free password cracking tool, are any indication, all your passwords might be just about as useful as an ice cube in the Arctic. Ighashgpu uses a computer's GPU instead of its CPU to run password guesses. While this may seem unimportant, GPUs have been shown to crack passwords at mind boggling speeds compared to a standard CPU. Even long passwords involving upper and lowercase letters as well as symbols quickly fall victim to the too when running GPU guesses. Still, that's not even the scary part. Your most well thought out passwords could become worthless against even a low-end GPU. For the exact numbers, check here. You may find yourself more than a little surprised and a lot more conscious of how vulnerable you really are.