Tomb Raider Reboot Trailer Now Online

edwardquilo - June 3, 2011 07:51AM in Gaming

You have to hand it to Lara Croft. She's been through quite a rollercoaster in her 15-year video game career and yet she's still just as resilient as when we first saw her with her dual pistols in the original Tomb Raider(1996). Unfortunately, her most recent outings haven't quite lived up to the high standards of her earlier games. 

Crystal Dynamics hopes to turn all this around with their upcoming Lara Croft reboot, with our heroine marooned on an island armed with nothing but her wits and her will to survive. The reboot aims to ignite a level of intensity beyond the previous games, and if the trailer is any indication, they're on the right track. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope Lara survives this adventure.