Small Manufacturer Takes on the Big Guys

Prunes - June 2, 2011 02:12PM in Cooling

The Danish firm, Danamics, have taken the next step in finding ways to keep CPUs and GPUs cold. The new Danamics LMX Supperleggera is the second improved version of the original LMX model, which is using liquid metal instead of water to keep the system cool. To reduce the heat development, the liquid metal is being pushed, not by a conventional pump, but by a electromagnetic pump without moving parts. The first LMX wasn't didn't sell well due to its high price, which was about $300, but the the price has now dropped to $200. The cooler is Danamics best shot at the high performance cooling market, and hopes to be one of the preferred solutions when overclockers pick their cooling solution.

Let's see if a small country can compete with the already big and established producers.