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Teenager Sells Kidney for an IPad 2

Category: Internet, Music / Video Players, Gadgets, General News
Posted: 10:38AM

What would you pay for to get your hands on an Apple IPad 2?

A kidney was apparently a small price to pay for "Zheng", a 17 year old boy from the southen province of Guangdong China.

The boy stumbled upon an advertisement online asking for kidney donors, negotiated the price, and had his kidney removed at a hospital in the city of Chenzhou.

His mother wasn't too pleased with the Apple gear her son brought back after he got paid for the kidney. She promptly dragged Zheng to the police to report the crime, but the agents who oversaw Zheng's operation were nowhere to be found.

The hospital where Zheng had his operation denies any knowledge of the surgery. Zheng, however, has suffered from complications arising from the operation.

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MrAlex on June 2, 2011 10:53AM
This is...sad really :/ it's sad what some people have to go through to get things they want. I mean it's just an object, and something to risk your life over?
Munkypoo7 on June 2, 2011 01:21PM
Materialism at it's finest my good sir. :\
Locutus on June 2, 2011 11:34AM
I wouldn't give my kidney for anything short of a ferrari.
ClayMeow on June 2, 2011 01:26PM
It's important to note that he didn't sell his kidney for an iPad2, he sold it for money, which he used to then purchase an iPad2. May seem like a minor different, but it does make it slightly better when you look at it from the hospital's standpoint...I'm sure they didn't expect the money to be blown on an iPad.
Water_Hazard on June 2, 2011 01:49PM
He sold his kidney and all he could get with the money was an ipad O.o I'm sorry but my kidney is worth a lot more than a few hundred bucks to me...
Jump4h on June 3, 2011 11:07AM
^ In reality, kidneys are extremely expensive, but if you go to a location where poor people live there is always someone willing to give up their kidney for a fraction of it's actual value.

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