Witcher 2 Patch Gets Rid of DRM

edwardquilo - June 2, 2011 08:08AM in Gaming, General News

In an effort to make what is decidedly the RPG event of the year even more accessible to PC gamers, CD Projekt has released Patch 1.1 for The Witcher 2. 

The 1.1 patch removes DRM from all copies of the game worldwide. CD Projekt's Adam Badowski goes on to say that no activation code will be needed, with players able to install and play the game on an unlimited number of PCs.

The patch also addresses framerate and stability issues, and introduces improved DLC installation. "Troll Trouble," the first DLC is included in the patch. 

Retail users can grab the patch here, on Valve's Steam or on GOG.com for those who bought online.