Apple Goes After Mac Defender

bp9801 - June 1, 2011 02:06PM in Bugs / Virus

I'm sure by now you've all heard about the Mac Defender "virus" that is hitting Mac users. Mac Defender poses as an antivirus program and then once you download it, you get bombarded with spam. The reason for that is because Mac Defender isn't an antivirus program but rather a nasty bit of malware only targeting Macs. People have complained to Apple about it, and now, it seems Apple is finally doing something about it. When OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard launched, Apple saw fit to grace it with a quarantine program that works much like an antivirus program on a Windows computer. Now, Apple is updating it with daily background processes, so you no longer have to wait for Apple to roll out a new security update to be protected. Apple is aiming this feature primarily at Mac Defender, but it is also a precautionary measure in case more malware starts hitting Macs.