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NVIDIA Demos Next-Gen Mobile Graphics with Kal-El

Category: Mobile
Posted: 11:29AM

It wasn't too long ago that NVIDIA was talking of its next-gen quad-core mobile processor, codenamed Kal-El. Kal-El combines a 12-core NVIDIA GPU with a quad-core processor which should give an unprecedented level of realism to mobile graphics. NVIDIA has now shown off just what Kal-El can do with a demo titled Glow Ball, which shows us the first example of true dynamic lighting on mobile devices and even some physics calculations like cloth movement. Instead of the pre-determined lighting seen in current mobile games, Kal-El enables lighting to move, fluctuate in intensity, and respond realistically to its environment while all being rendered in real time. The ball can be skinned with different textures which allow for different amounts of lighting to shine through, and it is controlled by the accelerometer of the phone or tablet.

NVIDIA demoed Glow Ball on an Android Honeycomb tablet with a 1280x800 resolution. Framerates remained consistent throughout, and just to show the processing power that Kal-El brings, NVIDIA disabled two of the cores to make it more in line with current generation hardware. Framerates dropped to below 10 FPS which means the Glow Ball demo requires all four processing cores, not to mention that 12-core NVIDIA GPU. If you're interested in trying out Glow Ball once you get a Kal-El tablet or smartphone, NVIDIA will release it as a game on the Android Market. Devices powered by Kal-El are expected to launch later this year, even as early as August, so it won't be long before we can see what it can do. NVIDIA also promises that when Kal-El hits production, performance will increase by 25 to 30% over what we saw today.

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