Macintosh Computers Hit With Virus, Apple Does Nothing

IVIYTH0S - May 21, 2011 08:32PM in Bugs / Virus

As the Macintosh line of computers gain popularity, it also grabs more attention from virus developers. If you remember learning earlier in the month there has been a pretty successful virus going around named Mac Defender, which tricks careless Mac users into downloading its scareware. Once installed the software will periodically open up the browser and display pornographic images, or may tell the user they need to buy the full version to get rid of their virus infestation. Many users would quickly turn to their AppleCare representatives to help them but would quickly learn that this would not be the answer. Ed Bott from had a chat with one of the head AppleCare specialists on exactly what has been going on with this new Mac epidemic. The representative said that their office has been overwhelmed with calls regarding the new virus. AppleCare has been ordered not to assist the affected customers in removing the malware from their machines. Apple states that it should not be relied on for every problem that comes along, and that antivirus software should be the one to deliver the fix.