Windows 8 Supports x86 and ARM

IVIYTH0S - May 18, 2011 08:46PM in Operating Systems

Microsoft has always been known to have numerous variations of its Windows Operating Systems, but now it has thrown a new twist on things with Windows 8. For years Microsoft's OS has been running on x86-based hardware but now the company is starting to take ARM processors more seriously as it has been dominating mobile platforms for sometime. Windows 8 running on ARM architecture will not be able to have the same level of backwards capability that the x86 version will have but many of Microsoft's native applications will be ported over to it. There are four different flavors of ARM-ready versions that will primarily be made for use on tablets and netbooks. Third-party developers talk about creating a functional x86 emulator for businesses that will need to have improved backwards compatibility on the ARM versions of Windows 8. Intel comments that it is not at all nervous that ARM is gaining more attention and market share, and it is certain that it will remain the dominant architecture for the full-featured Windows installments.