No Valve Games at E3 This Year

bp9801 - May 18, 2011 02:51PM in Gaming

For everyone hoping Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or even Half-Life 3 will be shown at this year's E3, your wait will continue. Valve has announced that it will not show any games at E3 this year. People had been sending the studio emails about setting up appointments at E3, and Valve said that no appointment will be needed since no games will be shown off. I am sure many people will be disappointed by this news, but this could mean Valve just does not want to tip its hand on Defense of the Ancients 2 or any other game it may be working on. Little is known about DotA 2, or any other Valve game for that matter, so perhaps the studio is waiting to reveal something on its own at a later time. It is also possible that Valve is just hard at work on content for Portal 2 and does not have any time to spare for E3. Either way, Valve will not appear at E3 this year.