Deepcool Unveils Assassin CPU Cooler

premiumgfx - May 14, 2011 02:32AM in CPU Cooling

Beijing-based Deepcool has unveiled its latest CPU cooler, named the Assassin. The new cooler consists of two nickel-plated towers supported by eight 6mm copper heatpipes. Two fans will be included, both held in place by a patented rubber frame cover. One 120mm fan will push air through the heatsink, the other 140mm can be positioned in between the two towers to enhance the CPU's performance. Additionally, a third fan can also be attached depending on the motherboard design. The Deepcool Assassin will support Intel's LGA775/1155/1156 and 1366 sockets along with AMD's AM2/AM2+ and AM3 sockets. Deepcool did not reveal a launch date or price for the Assassin CPU cooler.