Hitman: Absolution is Official

bp9801 - May 10, 2011 03:45PM in Gaming

For some people, the Hitman games are some of the finest stealth-action games ever made. The only problem is we haven't had a new game in the series for many years, but all that will change as Agent 47 is back. IO Interactive has just announced Hitman: Absolution, which sees Agent 47 return in an all new adventure. According to the developer, the new game sees Agent 47 go on his most dangerous contract to date that sees him travelling a dark and twisted world to get to the bottom of a conspiracy. Hitman: Absolution takes Agent 47 on a personal journey, a first for the series, which promises a familiar yet different adventure for fans of the games. Players can expect a cinematic story, a unique art direction, and an original game design that blends classic Hitman mechanics with brand-new ones.

Hitman: Absolution will launch for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. More details will be revealed next month at E3.