Android Market Continues Success

gebraset - May 8, 2011 08:09PM in Operating Systems, Mobile

With phone operating systems taking off in every direction concerning not only everyday customers but also business users, its no wonder why the numbers keep on bouncing around. Android is continuing its success with a total market gain in the last three months of six percent according to the latest Comscore report. Apple is also seeing a tad improvement, though not nearly as much with a total of half a percent increase in usage. What is astonishing however is the latest hit in the Blackberry market, with RIM showing signs of a four and a half percent decrease in United States usage. Windows Phone and Palm also took hits, though minimal, coming in at just under one percent. Obviously everyday users love the Android system due to its software and frequent updates, along with media possibilities, but it still remains a question if RIM can pull the market back in the upcoming months with its business savvy phones, along with their new tablet.