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E-Ink's New Evolution to Cloth Form

Category: Monitors, General News
Posted: 11:31AM

What sets e-readers and modern tablets apart? The most obvious difference is in the design of their displays. A typical tablet will output video similar to a computer monitor while e-readers use a special screen featuring a technology called E-ink. The way E-ink works is by having any main content brought to the foreground via controlled magnetism while hiding the rest in the background. The benefits of such a screen is it allows the reader to experience black and white reading with a pleasant matte finish closely resembling their favorite paperback. E-ink has evolved to allow the displaying of images and is even capable of full color. The newest innovation of the technology is in the form of a thin Tyvex film, which can be folded or rolled up repeatedly and still produce an unaffected electronic display. Tyvex was chosen due to its proven durability and flexibility in the application of shipping envelopes over the years. E-ink enabled envelopes could be the future of reusable packing material since their address can be changed with a quick reprogramming, all while remaining pristine as if it was on its first delivery. The big hurdle to overcome with E-ink cloth is one of cost effectiveness, given E-ink devices have traditionally cost a pretty penny.

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MJCRO on May 7, 2011 02:00PM
that's sick!
El_Capitan on May 8, 2011 10:45AM
Pretty cool!

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