Sony Responds to Congress about PSN Hack

bp9801 - May 4, 2011 02:51PM in General News

Sony had to answer to the US Congress about the recent PlayStation Network hack. Sony's Kaz Hirai forwarded a message to US Congress members that sheds some light on what all was taken. The Congress members were concerned about what data was taken and rightly so. In Hirai's message, which you can read here, he says all 77 million PSN and Qriocity accounts had information stolen, but Sony is not sure if credit card information was taken. Sony is still also unsure exactly what all was taken but warned everyone to expect things such as names, address, emails, and login credentials to have been stolen. Sony also had 12.3 million credit card numbers stored, 5.6 million of them belonging to US customers, but currently it believes those should all be safe. Sony did say investigators found a file on one of its servers labeled "Anonymous" with the words "We are Legion" inside. Seems we may finally know who did it.