Seagate Re-Introduces the 1TB HDD Platter

Psywar - May 4, 2011 10:41AM in Storage / Hard Drives

A while back we posted an article about Seagate and Samsung joining forces. On May 3rd Seagate unveiled the world's first HDD that features a 1TB disk platter. Using Samsung's 1TB platter prototypes, Seagate is bringing the next generation of HDD technology to the market for consumer purchase. Seagate will be using this new technology in its GoFlex hard drives, but sadly the GoFlex drives will not be packed with four 1TB platters. The GoFlex drives will only have storage capacities up to 3TB and it is set for distribution mid-2011. The GoFlex drives will be shipped with an NTFS driver that is made for Mac OS X. This driver will allow the drive to be accessed by both Mac OS X and Windows without the need to reformat.