Alienware M18x Released

gebraset - May 3, 2011 07:32PM in Mobile, Gaming

With Dell providing the standard as far as prebuilt gaming machines goes, it comes to no surprise that more updates are being brought to the Alienware market, especially the mobile one. The company has just pushed out its latest and greatest creation, known as the M18x, which has been covered on in the past, but now provides the ultimate mobile gaming experience that money can buy as of right now. The mobile gaming computer starts at a price of $1,999, though it only includes a Core i7 processor at 2GHz, followed by other specs that place it inline with mediocre gaming desktop computers. The Alienware M18x can be decked out to the fullest however, topping $6,000, with included specifications such as a 32GB of RAM, two 256GB SSD hard drives, dual 2GB Radeon 6970M graphics cards, and a whopping Core i7 Extreme overclocked to 4GHz. All of this is obviously extreme for a laptop, though the Alienware M18x may just provide the highest numbers on the market for laptops concerning 3DMark scores.