Tethering Apps Get Negative Views

gebraset - May 2, 2011 07:59PM in Mobile

Though many applications are available to consumers for free tethering, it is now getting to the point that carriers are starting to ban them all together instead of just making users subscribe to a paid per month plan, making consumers pay for their over the phone traffic. Sprint right now is the first one to jump on the train, cutting reins to applications such as PdaNet, which allows users to tether off of their phone for free, getting around the traditional system which is an add on plan to current wireless offers. Other carriers are also looking at this, possibly ending the idea of free tethering as the world knows it. Sadly, this means more money per month on top of the already high prices, if the crack downs are fully successful regarding all of the tethering applications, but it will surely benefit the revenue of the top wireless carriers.