Handicapped Gamers Get Cool New Ways to Play

IVIYTH0S - May 2, 2011 08:21PM in Gaming, Science & Technology

Dutch engineering student, Jeffrey Breugelmans, is looking out for some of the physically challenged with gaming at heart. Often we forget that there are people lacking mobility that you or I may possess, and because of that standard gaming controllers may not be compatible with them. What Breugelmans is seeking to create is a well synced duet of eye tracking sensors and a data-polling glove to act as one's mouse control. The eye tracker will attempt to aim the user's cursor wherever that user is currently focusing on in the screen. The data glove will replace the traditional keyboard that many of us take for granted during our hours of gaming. While Breugelmans is currently demonstrating his creations at the Northeastern Intelligent Human-Machine Systems Laboratory, he plans to have real field testing with disabled gamers Fall of 2012. Breugelmans is also considering designing a headset that will allow the user to control their PC by using only their thoughts.