Toshiba's Glasses-less 3D Laptop

jjjrmy - April 22, 2011 03:06PM in Prebuilts

A new glasses-free 3D laptop from Toshiba is on the way that will be a new member to the Qosmio family. Aside from being able to display 3D images and videos, this laptop can display 2D content as well. At the same time! The computer uses a "face tracker" that allows the webcam to send the proper images. This is done by sending a different image to each eye which is aided by the webcam which tracks the position of your face.

In addition to the awesome 3D features the laptop runs on an Intel Core i5-2410M processor and a GeForce GT540M for graphics. With up to 8GB of RAM and a Blu-ray player, this laptop can do just about anything. You will see this in stores starting in July. This is definitely something to keep an eye on.