Apple's 5th Generation iOS Finally Gets Flash... Sort Of

IVIYTH0S - April 18, 2011 01:53PM in Operating Systems, Mobile, Software, General News

The iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touches are very powerful devices, though Apple has withheld a key feature which should be mandatory on any web enabled device. I'm of course referring to Adobe's Flash Player, the medium which over 90% of Internet capable machines utilize. With the new upcoming iOS5, Flash will not run natively but will be able to stream Flash related content through Apple's up-to-date HTML5 browser. Unfortunately Flash based games and advertisements will not yet be supported but the majority of Flash videos are HTML5 compatible so the devices will still be far better off. Whether Apple's later versions of iOS will support full blown Flash is unclear, but it is great to know that steps are at least being taken to prevent users of these devices from missing out on the full Internet experience.