Pricing and Release Date for PCMark 7 Announced

bp9801 - April 14, 2011 07:09PM in Software

Last month we reported on PCMark 7 for Windows 7, the new benchmarking tool from Futuremark that covers your entire computer. What was not known that was the price we would have to pay and exactly when we could get it. Wait no longer as Futuremark has announced the pricing and release date for PCMark 7. The benchmarking suite will launch on May 3rd and comes in three flavors. There is the Basic Edition which offers unlimited runs of the PCMark test suite and one saved online result for zero dollars. Next is the Advanced Edition which includes seven PC tests with more than 25 individual workloads and unlimited saved online results for $39.95. Lastly there is the Professional Edition which is aimed for commercial entities and includes everything the Advanced Editon offers, albeit at the corporate price of $995. The Advanced and Professional Editions can be pre-ordered now from the PCMark website.