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New Zealand Kicks Anti-Piracy Corrective Action Up a Notch

Category: Networking, Copyright Infringers, General News
Posted: 03:29AM

In an effort to decrease piracy within its borders, New Zealand has recently been pushing for heftier penalties on individuals caught doing any related acts of piracy. More specifically, the New Zealand government is cracking down on those sharing any electronic data that is a blatant infringement of any copyrights. The first infraction comes in the form of a written warning administered by the alleged pirate's Internet provider. The government has been granted clearance to rule on administering fines as high as $15,000 NZD (or roughly $11,133USD). Users who do not cease and desist their file sharing will have their internet service terminated for half of a year. Not all the government officials were ready to empower the government to disable the internet for any period of time. A couple of the officials had not even been made aware of the bill until after it was well along its way to becoming law. Lawyer Rick Shera makes the argument that copyright owners are given far too much power with the new bill. Rick believes that the copyright owners should not be able to prosecute any individuals based solely on the assumption they are carrying out piracy-like acts, and that all guilty rulings should be backed up by hard evidence.

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danieljury3 on April 14, 2011 09:56PM
I really hope this bill doesn't get through.

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