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Sony Calls Nintendo Handhelds Toys

Category: Mobile, Gaming, Manufacturers, Small Form Factor
Posted: 08:13PM

Sony's CEO Jack Tretton has been openly belittling Nintendo's entire Gameboy line of game systems, as well as many of its users. Tretton goes as far as to say that anyone using a Gameboy in public should feel ashamed and that only small children should be playing a Gameboy.

It is unclear whether Sony is looking at just starting up some kind of drama before the launch of the NGP or simply tightening up its target audience. What does not make sense is why Sony would want to offend future and current customers. It would do Sony no good to alienate a younger age group from wanting or "deserving" its portable game systems. What is interesting, and ironic in a way, is Nintendo's 3DS system currently has far more interest than Sony's own upcoming NGP. Only time will tell whether Tretton's masterplan comes together as intended or if this publicity stunt is a shot in the foot to Sony's portable market.

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