Google Defends Claims Against Android Platform's Open Nature

IVIYTH0S - April 8, 2011 02:00PM in Operating Systems, General News

Everyone knows that Android is touted for its very loose grip from Google. It just so happens that recently there has been some users who have been second guessing Google's role in keeping the platform the most open of all the mobile operating systems. Google never wants Android to be compared with a more locked down mobile OS like those made by Apple. The VP of engineering at Google promises that all source code is published to public as soon as it is ready, and they do not plan to ever change this policy.

The only standards the company has set out for new devices planning on running Android is that they meet some simple requirements. Google does not make these checks to discourage device makers but simply is looking to provide the best end-user experience with improved compatibility. It has been promised since Android's inception that any UI customizations would be 100% supported by Google.