Pandora Mobile App Found to Send Birth Date, Gender, and Location Information to Ad Servers

bp9801 - April 7, 2011 08:54PM in Mobile

Recently, several app makers were being investigated by federal prosecutors over privacy concerns with mobile apps. The biggest one being investigated is bound to be Pandora, and while no information from the federal investigation has come out, a private security firm decided to take matters into its own hands. Veracode decided to launch its own investigation of Pandora and found that on the Android app, more information is being sent out that Pandora doesn't tell you. Information such as birth date, gender, and location are all being sent to ad servers which can find out a lot about with that basic information. The security firm did say that Pandora "appears" to send out that extra information, something Pandora is remaining mum about, and I suppose we won't know for sure until information comes forth from the federal investigation. At any rate, this should open some eyes and maybe put Pandora into more hot water if the extra information being sent does turn out to be true. Veracode only tested the Android app simply because it hasn't been able to fully test the iOS version.