20 Years of GNU/Linux

jjjrmy - April 7, 2011 04:15PM in Operating Systems

Two decades ago a college student named Linus Torvalds started working on free operating system as just a hobby. Linus developed Linux combined with GNU as an open source alternative to Unix. Little did he know, he developed a famous operating system kernel that has taken on many flavors. Since then, a battle between Linux and Microsoft has raged on.

The battle is over and Linux has defeated Microsoft. Why, you ask? Linux has gone farther than Microsoft in almost every market. The main markets being server-side computer and mobile devices. GNU/Linux today powers almost all Internet traffic. Linux can also be found in many new electronics, such as televisions, camcorders, e-readers, smartphones, and tablets. Linux has become dominant in almost every category of computing, ranging from small devices to large supercomputers.

Although Windows is still being used by 90% of all traditional computers, Linux users have not given up on the desktop market yet. Today, the desktop operating system is becoming less important as more and more things are being done in the browser. Not to mention that now smartphones and tablets draw people away from their desktops, and guess what is running those, Linux. Possibly, in the future, all you'll need is a small OS to run the browser and GNU/Linux will be a perfect choice.

It has been twenty years and we have seen how far GNU/Linux has come, let us see what the next twenty years holds.