Gigabyte Fully Supporting AMD's AM3+ Socket Shift

Psywar - April 7, 2011 10:56AM in Motherboards

Gigabyte is the first manufacture to ship motherboards that have support for AMD's 'Bulldozer' AM3+ CPU Socket. Gigabyte has shipped 16 different motherboard models that not only support the new AM3+ socket but will also support the existing CPU socket AM3. Gigabyte has also color-coded its CPU Sockets to make distinguishing the boards from one another much easier. Cream colored sockets are for AM3 CPU's only and black colored sockets will work with both AM3+ and AM3 CPU's. Gigabyte is able to do this because AMD ensured backwards compatibility with the old sockets. AMD and Gigabyte have made upgrading your desktop PC much more friendly on your wallet allowing you to just upgrade the CPU and not the motherboard.