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Congress Wants to Censor Piracy Sites on Google Searches

Category: Copyright Infringers
Posted: 12:51PM

There has been a debate in Congress of the possible creation of a law that would allow the government to block any website accused of piracy. Members of Congress were shocked that so many piracy sites came up in Google searches. Google's Auto Complete feature only adds to the mess. When typing in a simple search about movies, you may be shown suggested phrases that lead to piracy sites. The auto-complete results are also a reflection of how many people are searching for illegal material. Because of their findings, Congress would like Google to tweak their search algorithm to eliminate piracy sites in favor of authorized services. Google is concerned that a new law would dictate search results.

Recently Google successfully got rid of ch**d p***o****hy search results and many congressmen believe Google can also easily get rid of piracy search results. They are stunned that with all of Google's programming wizards, that someone couldn't create an algorithm to eliminate piracy searches. It seems that the people in the House of Intellectual Property are over simplifying how Google works. Although it is an automated system, many still believe the auto-complete suggestions are true suggestions from Google.

Nothing has been decided as of yet, but a change to Google's auto-complete feature is for sure.

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