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Dropped Call Research Shuns AT&T

Category: General News
Posted: 11:34AM

Even though there has been a recent study released that shows Verizon Wireless dropping many emergency calls throughout the past year, there is now a new study showing AT&T to be the worst among all of the major carriers. The study conducted by ChangeWave was spread out over just 4,068 users across the United States and asked one simple question of dropped calls, which spanned over a total of ninety days from the start of 2011. The results are somewhat surprising with recent news, showing Verizon Wireless at a dropped call rate of 1.4 percent, with T-Mobile at 2.3 percent, Sprint and Nextel at 2.7 percent, and AT&T scoring the worst with a total of 4.6 percent. Obviously the number of participants in the study was relatively small, but the study just may be uncovering the tip of the iceberg in terms of nationwide coverage and reliability within the four major wireless carriers.

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potatochobit on April 6, 2011 12:03PM
I'm not sure whats happening but lately here in dallas my iphone is having trouble going online, I rarely call anyone so I've not had any actual disconnections though
imm0rt41 on April 6, 2011 01:13PM
Every 6 months or so I need to restore my iPhone 3GS because it starts to have issues switching between cell tower, but other than that I have never had any issues with dropped calls from AT&T. My issue is definitely an issue with the phone and not the network because my other smartphones never had the issue in the first place.
Munkypoo7 on April 6, 2011 02:30PM
Not one dropped call in months on ATT's network down here in Florida...=)
RogerDeath on April 6, 2011 03:29PM
I'm in agreement with this, although its New Mexico this time. Helps when everybody in the family has a 3G phone!
RimX on April 6, 2011 03:49PM
yea I havent had any dropped calls on att in a very long time probably a few years. This is clearly a bad study, only 4000 participants isn't a reasonable number considering the number of cell phone subscribers in the U.S.

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