Dragon Age II Sells Over One Million Copies Worldwide

bp9801 - April 5, 2011 02:30PM in Gaming

BioWare's latest game, in case you haven't heard, is Dragon Age II. DA2 came out about a month ago but has already reached the one million copies sold worldwide mark. That is one million copies sold, not shipped, throughout the world. Dragon Age: Origins, the original game, didn't sell that many that fast so BioWare is quite proud of the accomplishment. To that end, BioWare is thanking its fans by offering Mass Effect 2 for free on the PC. If you haven't checked your email today, you should find a message from BioWare with the instructions on how to redeem your free copy of Mass Effect 2. Even with the success of DA2, there are quite a bit of upset fans on the BioWare forums letting the developer know of everything going wrong with the game. From poor performance in DX11 mode on the Very High setting to random crashes and bugs, Dragon Age 2 is not without its problems. Hopefully the upcoming patch BioWare teased will help alleviate all, or most, of the problems.