MSI Announces its AM3 Boards to Support AM3+ CPUs

Nemo - April 3, 2011 10:48AM in Motherboards

MSI has announced its AMD AM3 line of motherboards will be compatible with AMD's AM3+ multi-core processors with a BIOS upgrade. With a few simple steps, users can get the powerful performance of AMD AM3+ multi-core processors without the expense of purchasing a new motherboard. Current owners of MSI AM3 boards can find the BIOS download by visiting the respective product pages from MSI's web site. MSI also stated all future shipments of its AM3 boards will come with the updated BIOS already installed. MSI boards with support for AMD AM3+ multi-core processors with the corresponding  BIOS versions:

Motherboard Model Chipset BIOS Version
890FXA-GD70 AMD 890FX A7640AMS.190
890FXA-GD65 AMD 890FX A7640AMS.I20
890GXM-G65 AMD 890GX A7642AMS.1A0