Toshiba Launches 3D Monocle

Nemo - April 1, 2011 11:27AM in Video Cards

Toshiba today announced the release of Spectacle, the world's first and only 3D monocle. Toshiba claims "With the Spectacle, you’ll experience one-eyed 3D so real, you’d think you were using both eyes!"

Lest you think you're being clever and decide to use two Spectacles, one for each eye, Toshiba has issued a disclaimer warning customers to "Refrain from using two Toshiba Spectacle 3D devices simultaneously in each eye. Doing so may cause each device to render the corresponding 3D image in 3D yet again, resulting in an uncomfortable and infinite loop." So, you've been warned! (You've also been served an April 1st treat courtesy of Toshiba! Hope you enjoyed it!)